Welcome to Kartik Patel’s website

What thing I am I do not know.
I wander secluded, burdened by my mind…

…I ask as a fool who knows not his own spirit:
Where are hidden the traces left by the Gods?
- Rig Veda, I, 164

In this fragment of the net you will find the following strands:

0. An infrequent blog containing random thoughts from a peripheral viewpoint, under the “Blog” link above. Skip this if you are not interested in my opinions and want to see more useful content.

1. Programs I have written for Linux, the Operating System for the 21st Century. There are two at present, for free download, under the “Linux Programs” link.

2. A description of my attempts to grind and polish a 6-inch mirror in order to make a Newtonian reflecting telescope. On the net this activity is widely called ATM – Amateur Telescope Making. This is under the link with the same name.

3. Particle simulation methods in Plasma Physics under “Plasma Simulation”.


4. Book reviews under (of course) “Book Reviews”.

Coming up:

Parallel Programming.

This site will always be under construction.

Please excuse the dust and please visit again.

Many thanks to WordPress for providing a great utility for people like me who are PHP and HTML-challenged.

Also to the creator of the “Atahualpa” theme, which I am currently using.

Last updated: 6 October  2012
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