Linux programs

Well, just two programs, at present, for free download. Enjoy!

The Daily Journal

fltdj manages daily notes, appointments, alarms to upcoming appointments, contacts, holidays and to-do list.

Information and FAQ

The Daily Journal 2, version 0.4

fltdj2 user interface

fltdj2 is the latest version of the PIM utility. It adds a tree-like structure to the contact list, as well as allowing you to make multiple to-do lists.

To download the source code (which also contains a pre-compiled binary for desktops running the 64-bit Linux kernels) package , click the button below:

Older versions of fltdj2:

Download fltdj2-0.3 source archive

Download fltdj2-0.2 source archive

The Daily Journal version 0.7

fltdj 0.7 user interface

To download the source code package , click the link below:
Download fltd-0.7 source archive

To download a pre-compiled binary executable, click the file name below:



Treecle is program for creating, managing and maintaining treelike heirarchical data.
Information and FAQ

To download, click the file name below:


To download only a pre-compiled binary, click the file name below:


Treecle user interface


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