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Well, just two programs, at present, for free download. Enjoy!

The Daily Journal

A program to manage daily notes, appointments, alarms to upcoming appointments, contacts, holidays and lists.

Information, screenshots and FAQ

The Daily Journal 3, version 0.2

The latest version is a complete rewrite using the Qt 5 toolkit for the user interface.

Appointments which repeat daily can be added. The calendar can display the week beginning on a Monday, if desired, along with optional week numbers.



















To download the source code click the button below:


The binary executable is available from the links below. The README file inside contains details about the installation. These packages are significantly larger since they include the run-time libraries from Qt.

To download a pre-compiled 32 bit binary for Linux, click the button below.


To download a pre-compiled 64 bit binary for Linux, click the button below.


The older version, though it is no longer maintained. All development work is now on version 3.

The Daily Journal 2, version 0.4

fltdj2 user interface

he earlier version of the PIM utility used FLTK (“The Fast, Light Toolkit”) for the user interface.

It adds a tree-like structure to the contact list, as well as allowing you to make multiple to-do lists.

To download the source code (which also contains a pre-compiled binary for desktops running the 64-bit Linux kernels) package , click the button below:


And still earlier versions:

Download fltdj2-0.3 source archive

Download fltdj2-0.2 source archive


The Daily Journal version 0.7

fltdj 0.7 user interface

To download the source code package for 0.7, click the link below:

Download fltd-0.7 source archive

To download a pre-compiled binary executable, click the file name below:




Treecle is program for creating, managing and maintaining treelike heirarchical data.
Information and FAQ

To download, click the file name below:


To download only a pre-compiled binary, click the file name below:


Treecle user interface


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