The Dobsonian Mount

The Dobsonian mount was made from plywood pieces which were lying around from earlier projects. The aluminum angles were purchased. While not particularly steady, the whole frame is light, balanced and can be held and rotated smoothly with one finger. It can be disassembled in ten minutes, and assembled in another ten. Alignment takes somewhat longer.

The Dobsonian mount

An earlier mirror mount, not used in the final assembly. The final one used a circular plywood piece mounted on three springs for alignment.


Mirror and accessories

The aluminized mirror, in the thermocole box made to store it when not being used, along with some of the eyepieces.


Spider and surroundings

The spider, made from bicycle spokes, and a piece of PVC plumbing pipe (black). The diagonal mirror is mounted on a smaller PVC pipe (grey) whose one end is cut at 45 degrees and ground flat on fine emery paper. The eyepiece moves in tube which is a PVC pipe (grey) bonded  with epoxy to a matching hole on the sheet of veneer. The upper veneer sheet is attached to a matching lower sheet with screws. Tightening the screws holds it fast on the aluminium frame. The whole assembly can slide along the frame for alignment. The side opposite the eyepiece is now covered with black paper . The paper also extends out to form a hood around the frame . This helps in reducing light scattering into the eyepiece.


Mirror and surroundings

The mirror mount end, with the mirror attached. You can see the reflection of one of the aluminum angles. The manufacturer’s label can be seen stuck to the plywood behind the mirror.  All the inner facing surfaces have since been painted black. A tube made of black cardboard covers the mirror and extends halfway down the frame.