The pages below contain links to pictures taken around my home and while traveling.

While some of the pictures have been taken with a DSLR, most of them have been taken with a simple point and shoot camera having a moderate megapixel count, and some with a smartphone. Surprisingly, even these can give excellent results under the right conditions. Nearly all the snaps have been processed in GIMP to correct the color balance.

The pages display thumbnails. Click on an image to see it in full size.

The images are free to download for non-commercial, personal or educational use. However, no commercial or business related use is permitted.

For convenience, the pictures have been divided roughly into categories as listed below.

Land, sky and water

Hills and mountains


The window seat

Buildings and monuments

Temples and statues

Trees and other growing things

People and other animals


All images in the linked pages are Copyright, (c) Kartik Patel, letapk AT gmail DOT com


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